Monday, January 03, 2011

A little bragging rights please

Ok. So I figured I needed to post a little note since I haven't been on since I've been back from Europe. I know. I'm a bad blogger. (Smacking my hand) ;)

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed being away from the hell hole, I mean work. It was hard to come back today. I really loved my time away with my family just relaxing and doing much of nothing. The start of the new year was uneventful. I had to take a quick cat nap just to stay awake until the ball dropped. I'm getting too old I guess.

This would be the time to catch you up on my girls. Some of you who are on facebook already know since I get on there almost everyday. I really need to make better use of my downtime I suppose, lol!

Stephanie transferred to a new college for the start of this school year. She is now at Western Carolina University in the middle of B.F.E.! She loves it there and is doing much better with her grades and made the Dean's List for the first time :) I am super proud of how much she has accomplished. She has even decided to double major in Biology and Forensic Anthropology. She is turning 21 in a few short weeks, which is utterly depressing :(

My baby girl was in a bad accident a few weeks ago where her car flipped twice, but thankfully she came out of it unharmed. The car was totaled and we are in the process of finding a new one for her. She is also applying to colleges. Boo! Her number one choice is Wake Forest, and she received an email from them saying that her application "caught their eye" and they were looking forward to her interview. She is so nervous and excited all at the same time. My little girl is growing up too fast.

I am so proud of the both of them. They are my whole world and I love them so much!


Diane said...

You have every right in the world to be doin' a wee bit of braggin' - you have done an awesome job raising two beautiful, intelligent and amazing youny women. I have the date of Kim's interview firmly in my head now and I also think I know what a Dean's list is too now. See....I'm learning!! :)

I still shudder when I think of Kim's accident and...well, no need to go there...but as we said at the time, at least the car can be replaced.

It's lovely that you're posting again, by the way. I shall try to share my thoughts a little more too. In fact, let's make it a trans-Atlantic New Year's joint BFF resolution xxx

Melanie said...

That sounds like a splendid idea ;) xx

Melanie said...

Oh and thank you by the way. I happen to think the exact same of your children, a.k.a. my British son and daughter :)

Jude said...

Your girls are beautiful and intelligent young women Melly, good job you did!

I'm sure glad Kim is okay, what a holy scare!!