Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My weather pixie is a tramp...

I couldn't help notice that my pixie on my sidebar is dressing more scantily these days. She is such a harlot, lol! Our temps have been in the 90's and I have yet to step into a pool this year. I haven't had time to really. My oldest had her wisdom teeth out Friday and has recovered quite nicely. It appears she is a lightweight like her mom when it comes to being put under. He said he only had to give her a baby dose. She was crying when she came out of the anesthesia, which broke my heart. She slept most of the day Friday thanks to some lovely pain pills. She didn't have any swelling or any of the other nasty side effects.

Softball is over for my team. We didn't do too bad. My oldest is still playing though and we have a game Thursday night. I have been going to see a lot of movies in the last couple of weeks. It's been the time for trilogies I suppose. We saw Spidey 3, Pirates 3, and Shrek the 3rd. They were all okay. I liked their other installments better. Spidey 3 was cheesy in some parts.

We are just preparing for our vacation up north for a few days then hubby and I have our weekend getaway. He thinks we are going to NY city. That was his guess anyway. My response was "only if the Yankees are playing." That would be one thing I would definitely have to do if we visited NY.

Well, I better get back to work. Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I got a post card in the mail yesterday

from the UK looking for sonographers. They said I could have 25 days of holiday. I want to work somewhere where they call vacation holiday and say quirky things like "godsmacked" Hubby says I should reply to it. He thinks they will send me over for an interview. I told them they probably have representatives here in the states. It would be cool though. It's very tempting. I wouldn't have to learn a new language and I am pretty familiar with most of the slang. I know I wouldn't get tired of hearing that accent. Never in a million years. If the kids were grown and out of the house, I would be sorely tempted to email them. We will move eventually, but it will be out west, probably Oregon. That's where hubby wants to go. It won't be for a long while though. Not until we retire or win the lottery, whichever comes first.

It looks like we will be spending the 4th in Pittsburgh to see family and my boys on the 7th!! I figured since I was going to be up there anyway, why not? I am hoping to meet up with Connie since she will be going to that show. We will have to exchange mobile numbers (see I am talking brit already, lol!)

I have also planned a romantic weekend getaway for hubby's birthday to a nice B&B in the Yadkin Valley region of NC. We will be touring about 6 wineries. His birthday is June 21st, but we are not going away until July 13. We have softball going until then. It's a surprise too!!! I hope he likes it.

We were supposed to go shooting today, but it rained all day. We needed it desperately. My lawn looks all brown. I was going to teach one of the docs I work with how to shoot. She was bummed that we didn't go, but I told her we would reschedule for another day.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!