Monday, March 30, 2009

Good news!!!

My biopsy came back a benign fibroadenoma. I am sooooo relieved. The doctor said that she recommends I leave it alone unless it gets bigger or starts bothering me. I just have to go back same time next year for my yearly mammo.

Thank you to everyone who was saying a little prayer or two for me. It is greatly appreciated. I love you guys!

Have a great week :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


The radiologist didn't think it looked like the dreaded "C" word. In fact, it didn't even show up on the mammogram, only the ultrasound. Kinda scary if you ask me. She said the only way to be sure was to do a biopsy, so I go for that this Wednesday morning. I don't know when I will find out the results. It would be nice if they could do a quick stain and tell me while I was there, but I'm thinking it might be 24 hours.

Hubby wasn't too mad for not telling him. He understood why I didn't, but he made me promise to tell him next time something comes up no matter where he is.

I will let you know as soon as I hear something.

Have a great week everyone ;)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I found a lump

in my right breast Thursday night while I was taking a shower. I had one of the doctors feel it yesterday at work and she scanned it with the ultrasound machine. The whole time I am hoping it's going to be a cyst, but it wasn't. It looks solid, and one view she got looked like it had irregular borders. Of course the ultrasound tech in me is screaming out in my head, SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! This is when I wish I was the clueless , naive patient that didn't know the difference.

I have to go Monday morning and get an official ultrasound and probably some diagnostic views with the mammogram. I was scheduled to get a mammogram this May for my 40th birthday. My last mammogram looked good, but it was done a year and a half ago.

Hubby is in Los Angeles visiting his nephew until Tuesday. I haven't told him anything yet. I figured there was no use in ruining his trip when I didn't know anything. He's going to get mad at me for that, but he'll get over it. I know him and he will fly home today if I tell him. He never does anything just for himself, so he deserves to have a good time.

So keep your fingers crossed for me and say a little prayer or two if that's your inclination. I'll let you know what they say. In the meantime I am going to enjoy my weekend with my beautiful girls since Stephanie is home from school.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Let it snow.....

We got a heck of a snow storm this past Monday. We got about 6 inches, the most we've had since about 2001.

Then by Friday we were seeing temps in the 70's and we were close to 80 today. Crazy NC weather. We had snow thunder Sunday night before the big storm, so supposedly that's means more snow in 10 days. I really hope that doesn't happen. The thunder was weird too. The lightning woke me up from a dead sleep. I don't think I've ever experienced snow thunder.

Our office wasn't closed so I drove in all the mess. Only 2 other people showed up and 2 doctors. It was a fun day let me tell you. So we had a lab tech, the check in lady and me, the ultrasound tech. All to answer the phones, check the patients in (because yes some were crazy enough to keep their appointments), work the patients up, chaperone the doctors in the rooms, and I still had to do my scheduled scans. Fun fun!!!

I just hope we are done with snow for a long time. I wouldn't care if it never snowed again.

Have a great week everyone!

Of course this is what my cat was doing during the snow day, the same thing she does any other day, be lazy, lol!