Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gracious it has been a while

I am still absorbing the email from Jude and reading Miss J's post from everything that she has been going through. Just having experienced that scare so recently, I know exactly how she felt. I sooooo wish her outcome would have been the same as mine though, but I know in my heart of hearts everything will be just fine. I am thinking about you girl and wishing you all the best and sending you lots of hugs :)

A few things have happened since my last post so I will update you. We spent spring break in Florida visiting family. It was very hot and we didn't enjoy ourselves very much. It was one of those instances where family invites you to come for a visit when you can, but deep down they are thinking you will never in a million years take them up on it, so when you do, they are a little taken aback. We didn't feel very welcome which is a shame really. We ended up cutting it short and spending the rest of the week here at home chilling.

I had a great 40th birthday this year. A did an 80's themed party and dressed up like Madonna from that era. It was great. I loved my "Sixteen Candles" birthday cake. One of my favorite movies from to 80's :)

My birthday present from hubby was a surprise trip to California! We spent a week there visiting San Fransisco, Yosemite, Napa Valley, San Jose, and Carmel by the Sea. The views are spectacular and I could so be talked into moving to the west coast. We sampled some great wine, saw some wonderful sites and even got "locked up" in Alcatraz. Pictures do not do it justice that's for sure. We took hundreds, but here is random sample.

Stephanie is home from school. It's so hard to believe she finished up her first year of college already. :(

Kim attended her first prom. She looked so pretty and grown up (way older than 15!)

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you want to look at it, her and Tyler broke up 2 days later after dating over a year. She recovered pretty quickly though and is talking to a new boy named Randall. We haven't met him yet, but we hear that he is nice. Stephanie said that "he was hot!" He's a year older and goes to a different school. He's also like 6'3" which is funny since Kim is only a like 5'1 and a half. Ha ha. She is also going to be celebrating her Sweet 16 next month if you can believe it. I can't :( She didn't want the big party her sister had. She wanted to take a trip so we are going to Tybee Island near Savannah, GA for the 4th of July and staying a week so that should be fun. We are going with a family we used to vacation with a few years ago before they moved to Florida. It will be great to see them again and they have a son Stephanie's age (they used to date actually). Wonder of the sparks will rekindle (lol) Kim also got a new car. It's a 2007 silver Chevy Equinox. She loves it. She looks so tiny driving it. I'll have to get a picture of her in it and post it for you to see. Some people at work think we are spoiling her, but I tell them that's how we reward our children for doing well in school and being such a great kid and not giving us any grief.

Ken is finally doing one of his life long dreams and filming a movie with real actors and a big film crew and everything. We worked on shooting the trailer last weekend so we can generate some money to shoot the full length feature. It was long days, but fun. It is interesting to see how it all comes together. If you remember, Kim was an extra a few years ago so we got to see a little bit then. I will update you on how that progresses.

I am on facebook more than I am on here. I am still addicted, ha ha. Like all fads, I'm sure that will fade as well.

Well, that pretty much sums up what's been going on. Sorry this post was so long, but a lot more happened than I realized. I will try not to be gone so long next time, but no promises ;)

Have a great week everyone and even though I'm not on here much, I still think about you guys all the time and wish you well.