Saturday, January 08, 2011

Back to school and back to 3

This is Stephanie's last weekend home before she has to go back to school for the new term. :( Each time gets a little bit easier, but not much. We are a family of four, so when she is gone, it's a little strange to say the least. We seem to go about and adapt while she is gone I suppose. Go about our routines and such. It's still comforting to know that she still calls this place "Home" even though she has her own apartment and takes care of herself now. She still needs her mom and dad and sister though, so no worries there. Her and dad get on Skype to go over chemistry problems and she gets advice on cooking and cleaning from me and her baby sister well, she gets that advice only a sibling can give.

The holiday break is always the toughest since she has been home for almost a month now. You start to get really used to the idea that she is home and we are back to that magic number of four. The house is much more lively when she is here. She has the louder personality of the two. That's for sure. I don't know Kim is home half the time, she is so quiet.

The house is starting to stir, and I will have some children who want a good hot breakfast, so I shall go for now. It's actually snowing AGAIN!!! Nice to look at, but I wish it would go away.

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)


Susan Mo said...

I really don't know exactly how you feel as I am not a mother myself. I can understand missing someone, though. The great thing is that no matter how near or far you are, you are always a family of four. Gotta go. It just started snowing and I have to get the dogs in the house!

Melanie said...

It already stopped snowing here. Hopefully it stays that way. Enjoy your weekend :)

Diane said...

Oh I know the feeling well, Mel. Both Scott and Lara have been home for a month now and the house feels kind of 'right' (if somewhat noisy!) when they are here. Scott goes back tomorrow and then next weekend Lara will do the same, meaning that Shannon won't be here either. You see, I don't think that there has been a single night since the beginning of the summer break that Lara has been here and he hasn't. They are, simply, joined at the hip. Heather's parents live close by so she is there most of the time but I'll still really miss her when they go back to their own flat.

It's wonderful though that Stephanie has settled in in her new college so well and I know that Kim will be having her interview in just three days time. As i've said previously, you've done suck a great job with them both but I know how bittersweet it is when they start flying with the wings that we helped and encouraged them to grow xxx

Melanie said...

Very true indeed Diane. :) We have some wonderful children.

Jude said...

I understand how my parents felt when my older sister and myself left home a year apart from each other. I feel for you Melly, I'm just glad they will still call home "home" and come for visits!

LOVE the new blog look! :-)

Melanie said...

Thanks Jude ;) I changed it last night. Kim will still live in town or within 30 minutes so it won't kill me when she leaves.